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Last updated: 21st October 2013 (Bus Forum link added)

Welcome to the Explorer Ticket website. This site is very much in its infancy with much work still to do, so please bear with me as the site comes together over the coming months. Currently only this home page is live pending the design of the other pages, but it is a start!

The aim of this site is to explain the various bus day rover tickets, commonly referred to as "Explorer" tickets. As a person who uses such tickets regulary, I know that sometimes conflicts occur between passengers and bus drivers regarding the validity of such tickets on other operators routes. This site aims to sort out the confusion to give a single point of reference for the use of "Explorer" types tickets throughout the country.

As I say this site is very much under construction, so please keep popping back for updates.

In the meantime, whilst I continue to gather data for the main objective of this site, you may be interested in my three sub-websites which are also public transport related. These are as below:

Fantasy London Tender Game: Could you operate London's buses better than the current operators? Compete against other players to construct and submit the best tender price for a route and see whether you have been awarded the all important tender. Will you be the best?

Tube Challenge Top Times: You may have heard about the "Tube Challenge" in which people attempt to visit all 270 London Underground stations in the fastest time, which is recognised by Guinness World Records. However, you may not have heard about the vast plethora of "Alternative Challenges" based upon London's rail transport network which are often attempted. This site lists all known attempts made for the various alternative challenges, constructed in a league table format.
How about the "London Overground challenge" whereby you visit all stations on the London Overground network? Or how about the ever popular "Zone 1 Challenge" where you simply visit all 64 stations that lie within Oyster card Zone 1? Other challenges include the alphabet, DLR, Mouse, South London challenge... the list goes on. Some of these challenges can be attempted on a weekend (even dodging round the engineering works to make it more challenging)! Many of these challenges can be completed within an afternoon, making them a perfect for a get together with friends, or even making new ones. Find out more by clicking the link.

The Bus Forum: A discussion forum managed by myself where members can talk about any aspect of bus operation from actual vehicle types and routes to detailed technical information. We mainly cover the Greater London area but discussion is encouraged about provincial operators as well. We have a wide range of knowledgeable members from both within and outside the bus industry so there is a constant supply of discussion for you to join in with. New members are always welcome, it is free to join but do need to register to gain full benefits.

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